Girdles for Men – Support, Control, and Style

Girdles for men have been around since the Victorian Age, but are enjoying a comeback in fashion and in the medical industry. In the 1930s, ads for men’s control wear were popular in the common pulp fiction novels of the day. With the insurgence of popularity and diversity of men’s fashion, girdles for men are enjoying new attention. Whether you are interested in girdles for men for fashion, comfort, or medical purposes, girdles are something that everyone will need to consider sometime. It is important that the girdle that you choose fits properly and is suited for the purpose for which you intend it. There are hernia girdles, leg girdles and abdominal and back girdles.

How to Pick the Right Girdle

To ensure that the girdle that you choose fits properly and is able to achieve the goal for which you intend it, follow this tip: use a flexible measuring tape and to ensure that you get a proper measurement, have another person verify the measurement that you have. It is best if you purchase more than one girdle as you will need to have at least two so that you have can wear one and wash the other mens underwear.

Types of Girdles for Men

  • Hernia girdles for men are probably one of the most commonly recognized and understood control undergarments. When the lining of the abdominal wall has been compromised and is weak, it forms a small sac called a hernia. Hernia girdles for men are specifically designed to address the issue of a hernia in the groin area.
  • Stomach girdles for men serve medical or fashion purposes. The medical reason for wearing this kind of girdles for men is to address the issue of confining a hernia that is in the abdominal wall. Fashion stomach girdles for men serve the purpose of a body shaper thus, giving the man a firm and trim look. These girdles are also seeing a resurgence of popularity. Stomach girdles for men can be full torso girdles, or vest girdles.

  • Football girdles are probably the first time that young men are introduced the existence of all girdles for men. Football girdles provide protection for the body while playing football by allowing for proper placement and positioning of the protective pads worn. Football girdles have special pockets that allow for the pads to be inserted, while the tight fit ensures the continued position of the pads throughout play. When first putting on the girdle, make sure where the pockets are before you begin to put it on, and have a friend to help in proper pad placement.

Tips in Caring For Your Girdle

To get the best and longest use out of your girdle, take the time to hand wash it. Hand washing it will protect the fibers from the abuse that it might get in the drying process. The dryer can harm the rubber fibers in the fabric and melt it or harm it so that the girdle is not able to perform as it was initially intended.

Whatever the cause for your need for a girdle, girdles for men are enjoying popularity and a more positive reputation in the field of men’s fashions.